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NRO brings storm in politics
KARACHI, SINDH: [SindhWeek.Com Report] National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO)
introduced by dictator General (r) Musharraf in the year 2007 and was recently abolished by
the Supreme Court of Pakistan in Dec 2009, has created storm in Pakistani politics.

Although Asif Ali Zardari, President of Pakistan has indemnity in cases but renowned jurist
Justice Fakhuruddin Ibrahimji stated there were two types of cases against Asif Ali Zardari
(AAZ), one in the country and other abroad (Geneva & London). He said as per article 248 of
the Constitution, President Zardari has indemnity but it is not applicable in cases abroad.

Meanwhile, renowned jurist Aitzaz Ahsan who belongs to ruling Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) has
said if cases against President Asif Ali Zardari started in the country, he would advise President Zardari to resign from his office

First time Sindh surrendered
its share of water to Punjab
KARACHI, SINDH: [SindhWeek.Com Report] First time in the history of Sindh, Sindh has surrounded its share of water to Punjab till January 31, 2010, Member of Sindh in Indus River System Authority (IRSA) Mohammad Khan Memon told KTN as per instructions of Sindh govt,
water was surrendered to Punjab. However, he claimed, Sindh would get its share of water
"back" from Punjab later on. A leading Sindhi daily of Hyderabad has reported it was first
instance in the history as Punjab has never given its share of water to any provinces in the past

Punjab exposed on NFC Award
Every province takes 1% loss except Balochistan; Fed Govt major loser
LONDON, UK: [SindhWeek.Com Report] As usual, Punjab is claiming it rendered "sacrifices"
[so-called] to rest of three provinces i.e. Sindh, Balochistan and NWFP provinces, the facts
speak otherwise.

BBC has exposed Punjab in its report sent by Asif Farooqi from Islamabad (Dec 15, 2009) that
in the 7th NFC Award, it was claimed that Punjab has rendered "sacrifices" but experts say in fact Federal Govt has borne deficit. However, most beneficiary was Balochistan in new Award. Meanwhile, Punjab finance minister Asharaf Tanvir Kaira has claimed that Punjab has "sacrifices"
its resources for other provinces.

Financial expert Asad Saeed said it has been widely claimed, Punjab has given "sacrifice" which
is not fully correct. He said Punjab's income has reduced by one per cent only but the same
cases are with Sindh & Punjab. Nevertheless, the federal govt has given sacrifice in real sense
as it is 10 per cent loser. He says no where in the world, population is only criteria for
distribution of resources

Nationalists reject new NFC Award
KARACHI, SINDH: [SindhWeek.Com Report] While the federal and provincial governments claim major success over the agreement on the Seventh National Finance Commission (NFC) Award,
various nationalist parties of Sindh have expressed disappointment on the accord and have
described it as an injustice with the people of Sindh.

They allege that the Sindh government did not present the case of the province properly, and ended up agreeing with the proposals of Punjab. They also believe that Sindh and Balochistan
are treated like colonies.

Sindh National Front Chairman Mumtaz Ali Bhutto said that the constitution of financial commissions was against the ideology of Pakistan since the provinces, in principle, happen to be
the owners of their resources and only they have the right to collect revenue. All revenue, he
said, should go to the provinces which generate it, instead of pooling the wealth with others.

Mumtaz Bhutto said that the Sindh government presented the “wrong formula” for the Seventh
NFC Award and this is why it did not get anything for the province. Meanwhile, former Sindh Assembly speaker and Sindh United Party President Jalal Mahmood Shah said that the
government should have asked for revenue distribution on the basis of revenue generation
because Sindh generates major revenue for the country. It would be another failure of the government after the Water Accord, he claimed.

The Sindh government had only demanded a 10 per cent share from revenue collection but
agreed on five per cent, he said, adding that instead of withdrawing from their position, they should have claimed 80 to 90 per cent share from the revenue.

There was a need for a new social contract between the Centre and the provinces to save this country, said Sindh National Party (SNP) Chairman Amir Bhambhro. “We want provincial
autonomy according to the 1940 resolution, as the regime’s policies have made it difficult to
run the affairs of the federation,” he said. “The SNP totally rejects the NFC Award and
demands that the revenue from the province be given to its own people.”

Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz (JSQM) Aresar group spokesperson, Ayaz, said that this Award would deprive the people of the province and under the present framework, JSQM would not accept it. “We will not allow anyone to sell out our resources; the people of Sindh are the real owners of
the resources of the province,” he said. Ayaz also challenged the government to a television
debate in this regard. 

Maqsood Qureshi, a senior leader of the JSQM (Bashir Khan Qureshi group), described the NFC Award as a ‘drama’. “The government is already earning billions of rupees from oil, gas and port sectors and this NFC Award formula is unacceptable to the people of Sindh,” he said.

Qureshi said that Sindh generates major revenue but Punjab gets the bigger share and only
peanuts were left for the people of Sindh. “This system has flaws and makes the province beg
from the Centre,” he claimed

Sindh suffering from 'slow insurgency'; Punjab was assured its loss to be compensated: Qaiser Bengali
KARACHI, SINDH: [SindhWeek.Com Report] Sindh has been suffering from ‘slow insurgency’
for the past 20 years, which had resulted in the transfer of resources from the province and creating a huge financial loss, said Dr Kaiser Bengali, Sindh’s technical expert on 7th National Finance Commission (NFC) Award.

Bengali was addressing legislators during the Sindh Assembly session on Dec 15, where he was
allowed by Speaker Nisar Ahmed Khuhro to acquaint legislators with the details of the
deliberations and injunction of the Award. “Our stance was that Sindh’s resources are being transferred to others, despite the fact that the province is rich in resources,” he said. 

Bengali said that Sindh "convinced" Punjab to accept multiple criteria for distribution of
resources, adding that Sindh insisted upon first resolving the issues of horizontal distribution (distribution of resources among provinces). 

In the past, vertical distribution (distribution of resources among Centre and provinces) was deliberated first,
he said, stating that Punjab was given assurances that its loss would
be compensated through vertical distribution.

The eminent economist said that agreement on multiple criteria, GDS, increasing share of
provinces, handing over GST to provinces and reducing collection charges from five percent to
one percent were major achievements of the NFC. He said these agreements were made after
“hard bargaining” and were result of compromises, adding that Sindh also showed a documentary to the participants of the NFC Award about the transfer of resources and its financial impact on
the province. 

Bengali maintained that Sindh’s major achievement was GST on services. “Sindh has got the
best deal as its share in the divisible pool has been increased,” he said, detailing that Sindh
would now get Rs270 billion in financial year 2010-11, which otherwise would have been Rs202 billion. He said that the Centre would give Rs6 billion extra to Sindh because of unfair
distribution of Octroi and Zila tax, adding that Sindh not only saved its Rs15 billion on GDS,
but it would get Rs2 billion more. He said telecommunication was included in services, and
banking would also be incorporated.

He recalled that Sindh’s share was Rs262 billion in 1991, which was reduced to Rs141.7 billion through NFC award of 1997. He said that the successful agreement on the NFC Award
reflected that, “we did not need Army generals as we can run democracy.” As compared to the
past, when deliberations for the NFC took several years, an agreement was reached upon in 120
days, he claimed. When he said that Sindh never begged for money, instead it demanded its legitimate share in resources, legislators vociferously applauded him and chanted slogans

Qaim Ali Shah, Sindh CM must resign
on his failure to protect rights of Sindh
KARACHI, SINDH: [SindhWeek.Com Report] The Sindhi scholars, writers, journalists &
intellectuals have shown their dissatisfaction on announcement of new National Finance
Commission Award (NFC) in which Sindh has suffered a lot. They have asked Syed Qaim Ali
Shah, chief of minister of Sindh to resign for not protecting the national interests of Sindh
in real sense. They say only 5 per cent weight-age was given in NFC to revenue which Sindh
generates 70 per cent. However, Sindh CM is claiming the natural growth in NFC as his govt achievement which is wrong, they added

3576 criminal cases against MQM chief
Altaf, others withdrawn under NRO, revived
KARACHI, SINDH: [SindhWeek.Com Report] At least 83 corruption cases registered against
200 persons including Interior Minster Rehman Malik, Salman Farooqi, Sindh Minister Agha
Siraj Durani, and other former bureaucrats and politicians which were withdrawn under the
cover of National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) in Sindh, have been revived. 

Moreover, a large number of the 3576 criminal cases registered against MQM Chief Altaf
Hussain, Dr Farooq Sattar, Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul Ebad, and others were also withdrawn,
invoking the NRO. 

A list of the cases and the names of accused persons who benefited from the NRO provision
in Sindh, has been sent to the federal government which has already announced to unveil the
list of the persons whose’ cases have been withdrawn.

A Sindh government official privy to the matter said that the majority of the beneficiaries
include former bureaucrats and government officials. 

Meanwhile, some of such bureaucrats continue to hold higher posts in the federal government
while some are serving in the foreign service. 

Official sources said that a total 83 of corruption cases pending in five Accountability Courts
in Sindh-Karachi against 200 persons including politicians and former bureaucrats were
withdrawn under NRO.

According to details, 43 corruption cases were withdrawn from Accountability Court (AC)-1,22 from AC-2, 17 from AC-4 and one from AC-5. The sources concerned confirmed that a small number of politicians benefited from NRO while the majority of such persons included former government officials, autonomous bodies’ chiefs and banks’ heads. However, Sindh Minister for Local Government Department Agha Siraj Durani who falls in the category of politicians who benefited from NRO. The corruption case against him pending in Accountability Court has been withdrawn.

Mr Durani is considered as the close aide of President Asif Ali Zardari. After 2008 general elections, he was expecting to grab the slot of Sindh Chief Minister, but his name was dropped
due to untold reasons
What a distribution of NFC Award; Letter
KARACHI, SINDH: [SindhWeek.Com Report] A leading English daily Dawn has printed a letter
to the editor (Dec 10, 2009) headlined 'Distribution of NFC Award'
. The letter says:

"I DO not understand the National Finance Commission award’s distribution on the one - factor formula: population. Suppose a father has four sons: A, B, C and D. A has 20 family members
and B has eight, C has six and D has four. 

A does not have enough income to support his large family. Whereas the other three earn a lot
and so the family is well off. All the four come to their father and deposit their income with him. 

If the father, instead of advising A to generate more income and improve the quality of life
of his family, takes a large chunk of money and hands it over to A, the other three, though
earning a handsome income, remain backward because of unfair disbursement. This used to
happen in nomadic and tribal societies centuries ago but it is not practiced in the corporate
world and modern society anymore. 

I think it will be only fair if the federal government shared their income and the remaining went to the federating units according to their income. But as a goodwill gesture the award should be distributed on multifactor formula: income, backwardness, area and population. NIAZ HUSSAIN 

LONDON: Leader of oppressed, middle class people living in luxurious house
LONDON, UK/ KARACHI, SINDH: [SindhWeek.Com Report] Altaf Hussain chief of MQM who claims to be leader of "oppressed" and middle class people, is living in London in highly
luxurious house. The house of Altaf Hussain is in very expensive area i.e. Mill Hill. According
to website of the UK Govt (www.landregistry.gov.uk) Altaf Hussain is owner of the house and its
price is one million Pounds (equivalent to Rs 15 crores).

Urdu daily Jasarat has reported this. The paper further writes: The expensive house has very
tight security around. Altaf has another house in nearby Edgware area also. The owner of the house is Altaf Hussain and his wife Faiza [divorced]. Its price is 5.5 lakhs pound equivalent to
Rs 07 crores, Apart from this, Altaf's brother Iqbal Hussain owns two houses in the said area.

MQMs international Secretariat is situated 57 - 58, Elizabeth House, Eagware and as per
reports, Altaf is owner of the House. This can be confirmed from the official website of
British govt.

Altaf Hussain ran away from Pakistan in 1992. He went to UK via Saudi Arabia and is obviously unemployed. He started his carrier in Karachi by riding on Honda 50 motorcycle. Obviously, he
has also no source of income in UK and his party bears his expenditures

Nationalists observe Sindh Rights Day;
To investigate May 12, April 09 incidents
KARACHI, SINDH: [SindhWeek.Com Report] Five nationalist parties of Sindh jointly observed
the ‘Sindh Rights Day’ across the province on Dec 16, Dec 09 by organizing protest
demonstrations and rallies. The participants demanded arrest of the controversial NRO
beneficiaries and the culprits involved in the May 12 and April 9 incidents, and also an
acceptance of resource ownership rights of the province.

The parties included Dr Qadir Magsi-led Sindh Taraqi Passand Party, Rasool Bux Palejo-led
Awami Tahreek, Syed Jalal Mehmood Shah-led Sindh United Party, Mumtaz Bhutto-led Sindh National Front, and Shah Mohammad Shah-led Save Sindh Movement participated in the demonstrations. However, Jeay Sindh Qaumi Mahaz led by Bashir Khan Qureshi refused to
become part of an unannounced alliance.

A demonstration was also held outside the Karachi Press Club where leaders of the five parties addressed the participants. Women and children were also present carrying flags and banners.
Criticizing the ruling PPP and MQM for their “anti-Sindh policies”, Ali Hassan Chandio of the
Sindh Taraqi Pasand Party demanded a judicious share of Sindh in the distribution of water
and financial resources, as well as ownership rights of oil, gas and coal
Sindhi Topi Day celebrated in UK, USA, Canada, other countries countries
LONDON, UK: [SindhWeek.Com Report] The World Sindhi Congress, a leading Sindhi
organization working for the cause of human rights Of Sindh and Sindhis, organised the
Sindhi Topi Day on 6th December in major cities of UK, viz, London, Birmingham, Bristol and  
Manchester. In America and Canada, the event was celebrated in New York and Calgary
respectively. A brief account of each event is as follows:
London: Many Sindhis, Balochs and other supporters gathered in Parliament Square, opposite the Parliament Houses.  Everybody was proudly wearing Sindhi topis and ajraks. They held banners
and sang songs. 

Speaking on the occasion, Lakhu Luhana, Secretary General of World Sindhi Congress said,
“We are with our nation in thick and thin”. We will always be there for our nation in its hour
of need. He further said our culture and civilization are very rich. The strength of thousands
years of history will help us achieve our goals. 
Samad Baloch, Secretary General of Baloch Human Rights Council UK, said that the culture of
Sindh is thousands of years old and will never be compromised.  Today Baloch nation is with
Sindhi nation to protect and promote their culture and values.
Dr Hidayat Bhutto, UK/Europe Organiser of WSC said those in power should defend the honour
of Sindhi topi and ajrak and stand up with Sindhi people for defending their cultural rights
and icons.
Mir Ghulam Hussain Baloch said those who want to impose their 63 years old history on our
thousands of years old history, culture and civilization are doomed to fail.  We will never let anybody insult our culture.
Birmingham: Wearing Sindhi Topis and ajraks and carrying placards and banners, WSC team
members and supporters gathered in front of the Council House in Victoria Square, where they
were eagerly joined by the  enthusiastic people of Birmingham, tourists and other visitors,
men women and children. People were keen to know about Sindhi culture, topi and ajrak.  
Speaking on the occasion, Dr Ahmed Makhdoom, a well known Sindhi scholar and activist
thanked all the people who participated in the event.  He said our culture and language have
been there since the dawn of civilization.   Our civilization has close ties with other ancient
cultures, like Chinese and others.  Today our culture is being brutally mutilated by people who
have no culture of their own.  But Sindhis today are united to honour their cultural icons.
Abdul Khoso, a Sindhi professional in Birmingham said we, the Sindhi people respect other
cultures. Therefore, we expect the same from others.  We will strive to keep our culture alive
so as to keep our nation alive.
Ms Li Na, a Chinese supporter, said people should respect each other’s culture.  One should live and let others live.
Ms Suraiya Makhdoom, Senior Vice-Chair, World Sindhi Congress, said by objecting to publicly wearing of Sindhi cultural icons, like Sindhi Topi and ajrak, the self declared champions of
Pakistani nationhood are declaring Sindhis not to a part of Pakistan. But by celebrating the
Sindhi Topi Day, Sindhis all over the world have proven that Sindhi culture and nation matter. 
She said our culture and language are our identity.  
Ashfaque Sayed, a Sindhi professional from Sanghar, said it is a matter of great honour for
us to gather here for celebrating our culture.  We will make all the efforts to preserve our
rich cultural heritage.
Ms Nancy Li, another Chinese supporter said that every nation has a right to celebrate their
culture. Ms Vibha Cale from Arya Samaj said that Sindhi Topi is a symbol of Sindhi culture and Sindhis have every right to protect its honour.
Later on a gathering was held at a private place, where a cut was cut and refreshments were
served on the tune of lovely Sindhi music and songs.
Bristol: Sindhi Topi and Ajrak day was celebrated in Bristol to show solidarity with Sindhi
nation, in which 12 people participated.  The procession marched through different streets and places, including the Bristol Council Hall, Central Library, Bristol Cathedral, and Clifton
Down Park. 

Manchester:  In Manchester the Sindhi Topi Day was jointly marked by World Sindhi Congress
and Sindhi Sangat UK.  Speaking on the occasion, Rubina Shaikh, member Executive Committee, World Sindhi Congress  said Pakistani establishment has violated constantly United Nations
Treaty on International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights by systematic
suppression and exclusion of the Sindhi language, culture and heritage.  
USA:  In America WSC team member, Mahboob Dahani organised the programme in New York
in the famous Times Square.  Short speeches were delivered by Mahboob Dahani, Vinesh
Khetpal and Rakesh Ahuja.  Those who attended included Abdul Sattar Memon and Siddique
Shaikh. The organisers spoke to people informally about 7,000 years old Sindhi culture.
They presented topis and ajraks to each other. Programme ended with dance on Ho Jamalo
(a traditional Sindhi song) in open air, which was joined by many passers-by.  
Canada: In Canada, WSC celebrated Sindhi Topi Day in Calgary jointly with the local Sindhi Association of Calgary, Canada. Wearing Sindh topis and ajraks, participants delivered speeches, sang and danced

Caretaker Sindh CM Halepoto Govt violated rules
by giving 2,155 acres to City District Govt, Karachi
KARACHI, SINDH: [SindhWeek.Com Report] The caretaker provincial government of Justice
(retd) Abdul Qadir Halepoto gave 2,155 acres land to the City District Government Karachi
(CDGK) in 2008 in violation of the rules concerned, Sindh Chief Minister (CM) Syed Qaim Ali
Shah informed the provincial legislature on Dec 15, 2009.

Shah was furnishing a written reply in his capacity as land utilisation minister to a query made
by Nadeem Ahmed Bhutto, who had sought clarification about the alleged land grabbing of 250 acres land owned by the Revenue Department in Deh Methan and 350 acres in Deh Halkani of
Tapo Manghopir ñ also owned by the Revenue Department

PM Gillani without waiting for UN Report declares Baitullah killer of Benazir Bhutto
LONDON, UK: [SindhWeek.Com Report] Former Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan chief Baitullah
Mehsud assassinated Benazir Bhutto [ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan] and he has finally met his
fate, said Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gillani while addressing Pakistan community here Wednesday, December 02, 2009. It may be pointed out United Nations (UN) Investigation team has not so
far completed/announced its report concerning to assassination of Ms Benazir Bhutto

Corruption in PIA; Director HR & Admn
M. Hanif Pathan selling various posts
KARACHI, SINDH: [SindhWeek.Com Report] It is reported PIA Administration chief
Muhammad Hanif Pathan is looting financially sick national airlines, PIA with both hands since
the date, he was promoted to the lucrative post of Director HR & Administration and
reportedly selling different vacancies being occurred in PIA from time to time including PSO
at the rate of Rs 5 lakhs each. Nevertheless, different vacancies have different rates.

Sources closed to civil aviation revealed, Mr Pathan who is known as an inefficient officer and
was side-lined by almost all chairmen / Managing Directors including ex-chairman Tariq Kermani
and was rated 'adverse confidential annual report' in 2005 like "Need Improvement" (the lowest rating), therefore, on the basis of his ACR and poor performance, Mr Pathan was not eligible
for promotion for next five years but present Managing Director, Captain Ejaz Haroon by
showing favourtism promoted him to the post of Director Administration backdated (since 1999)
and also paid him huge arrears i.e. Rs 41 lakhs.

It is further reported Mr Pathan is posing himself as Sindhi as they have already low
representation in PIA whereas he was a 'fake Sindhi'. However, he had remained associated
with Mir Ali Ahmed Talpur, ex-defence minister in army dictator General Zia regime and used
to claim he (Mr Pathan) was his "adapted son".

Mr Pathan has also worked as General Manager, Flight Services where he sold vacancies of Airhostess at the rate of Rs 2.5 million. An inquiry was already ordered against him but he,
later, got matter hushed up.

After, PPP coming into power, Hanif Pathan changed colour like chameleon and succeeded in assuring PPP Govt that he was pro-PPP & Sindhi whereas facts speak otherwise. After becoming Director Administration, PIA, Mr Pathan is openly selling different vacancies through his cousin
R. A. Pathan who is employed in Flight Kitchen and also working his "Agent", A high-level
impartial inquiry would reveal Mr Pathan's financial irregularities, bungling & misappropriation, sources added
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MQM wrapped up 3,500 criminal cases against its members through fake order; Sindh home minister
KARACHI, SINDH: [SindhWeek.Com Report] Sindh Home Minister Dr Zulfiqar Mirza has said 
MQM of getting 3,500 criminal cases against its members wrapped up through a ‘cyclostyled
order produced by the prosecutor-general of the provincial government’.
Dr Mirza, speaking at
the inauguration ceremony of a PPP media centre, appealed to Chief Justice Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudhry to reopen and investigate all cases wrapped up under the National Reconciliation
Ordinance (NRO). However,
a spokesman for ethnic MQM claimed the remarks were the
minister’s personal opinion, and not the stance of People’s Party.

The minister said the record of the cases was enough to ‘open the eyes of the media and the nation’. He said he would present within a week the record of all cases which had been
suppressed by hoodwinking the Sindh government and the judiciary. He made a dig at MQM
leader Farooq Sattar for his assertion that his party was not involved in corruption, wondering whether Dr Sattar was sent to prison for ‘distributing charity’. He also accused MQM of obstructing the entry of the chief justice at the behest of then president Pervez Musharraf.

Dr Mirza said reconciliation was based on the principle of forget and forgive, but ‘our colleagues are instruments of the establishment and if it is a war, we also know how to fight a war. We fought a war for 12 years and power was not given to us in charity.’

APP adds: Dr Mirza said: ‘Our friends [terrorist MQM] want to destabilize democracy by
becoming a tool of the establishment.’ He said a criminal would always be a criminal no matter whether he was in ‘Dhoti, Shirwani or Sindhi Topi’. ‘If someone wants our accountability, we too know how to hold others accountable,’ he said

Killing innocent people lesser sin than corruption? MQM leader Farooq  Sattar's strange logic on TV
KARACHI, SINDH: [SindhWeek.Com Report] Farooq Sattar - a leader of ethnic Muttahida
Qaumi Movement (MQM) has taken a very strange stand about killing of innocent people by
MQM. While commenting on the list released by beneficiaries of NRO (National Reconciliation Ordinance promulgated by the racist and chauvinist General (r) Musharraf who was Pro-MQM),
he said his leaders (chief Altaf & others) not facing any corruption charges, thus he gave
impression that "Killing innocent people is lesser sin than corruption. He was talking with
private TV. It may be pointed out Altaf Hussain, chief of ethnic MQM was facing more than
71 crimes including killing and attempt to kill people and such cases were taken withdrawn under
MQM leadership: Beneficiary of NRO
ISLAMABAD, PAK: [SindhWeek.Com Report] Some leaders of MQM who were benefited in the
past from recently abolished NRO.

01. Altaf Hussain & others (72 cases); 02. Dr Farooq Sattar and others (23); 03. Baber Khan Ghori & others (05); 04. Dr Ishratul-Ibad & others (01); 05. Noaman Sehgel, MNA and others
(01); 06. Dr Imran Farooq & others (18); 07. Shoaib Bukhari & others (21); 08. Waseem Akhter (07); 09. Saleem Shazad (06); 10. Kanwar Khalid Younus (12); 11.Dr Safdar Baqri (16) = 182

Top leaders of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement, including its chief Altaf Hussain, Parliamentary Leader in the National Assembly Dr Farooq Sattar, Federal Minister Babar Ghauri, Sindh
Minister Shoaib Bokhari and a number of former lawmakers, are among the beneficiaries of
the National Reconciliation Ordinance, according to the 
list sent by the National Accountability
Bureau to the government on Dec 17, 2009.

According to the list, eight cases were registered against Altaf Hussain in Mirpurkhas, Zaman Town, Kalakot, Brigade, Quaidabad and Nazimabad police 
stations between 1986 and 1995.
One case was registered against Dr Farooq Sattar in 1992 in Korangi police station, while four
in Quaidabad, Aziz Bhatti, Landhi and Korangi police stations in 1994.

Six cases were registered against Shoaib Bokhari in Nazimabad, Orangi Town, Korangi,
Mominabad and Zaman Town police stations.

Five cases were registered against MNA Waseem Akhtar in Korangi, Quaidabad, Zaman Town
and Aziz Bhatti police stations. The list included the 
names of Karachi’s deputy Nazim, Nasrin Jalil, former adviser to the Sindh chief minister S. Manzoor Hussain, former senator Ishtiaq Azhar, former convener of the MQM Rabita Committee Dr Imran Farooq and two members of
the committee Saleem Shahzad and Tariq Javed.

A former provincial minister, Qazi Khalid, who was appointed judge of the Sindh High Court on
the recommendation of former chief justice Abdul Hameed Dogar, is also among the beneficiaries of NRO, according to the bureau.

Former members of the Sindh Assembly Azhar Mian, Irshad Baig, Jawed Akhtar, Dr Sagheer Ahmed, M. Haroon Siddiqui, S. M. Mohiuddin, Abdul Qadir Lakhani, Mirza Afzal Baig, Suhail Saleem Mashahdi and Kamran Jaffery also benefited from the NRO, the list said. 

Ajmal Dehlvi is also on the list of beneficiaries. The names of certain people, including Ishtiaq Azhar and Khalid Murtaza, appeared on the list more than once. 

Khalid Murtaza was a leading trade unionist of the Pakistan Steel Mills. He was paralysed in
alleged firing by Rangers in early 90s and is currently 
working in MQM’s Khidmat-i-Khalq Foundation.
The names of former MNA Shaikh Liaquat Hussain, who passed away recently, former MPA
Afzal Anwar, who expired some 4-5
years ago, and former MNA and member of the Rabita Committee Hassan Musanna Alvi, who died last year, are also on the list.

Other NRO beneficiaries belonging to the MQM are former president of the Karachi Bar Association, Amin Lakhani, and Liaquatabad town nazim Usama Qadri, the NAB said.

Rabita Committee member Kanwar Khalid Younus told Dawn that almost all cases against leaders
and workers of the MQM were criminal in nature. He said it was easy to book one in a criminal
case and FIRs were registered in one go. He said there were no cases of financial irregularity against the MQM leadership as one had to substantiate the charges with evidence.

He said 94 criminal cases were registered against him and he contested all of them and got
himself cleared. He said his party would fight any cases brought against its leaders by the government

Opposition treats NFC Award as great achievement
of Punjab Govt; Urges Govt to resolve issues of provincial autonomy, Water Accord, tax collection
LAHORE, PUNJAB: [SindhWeek.Com Report] Opposition parties in the Punjab on Dec 14 called
the consensus on the National Finance Commission (NFC) Award “a major achievement of the government”, declaring that it was one of the biggest achievements in the history of the

Opposition member Mohsin Khan Leghari said the decision by Punjab, Sindh and NWFP to accommodate Balochistan’s needs in the NFC was a positive sign, adding that Punjab had proved itself by playing the role of an “elder brother”. However, Leghari said the division of water
among the provinces was another issue that needed serous deliberations.

He said Pakistan was an agriculture-based economy and the financial reforms would be of no
use if Punjab, particularly its southern part, had no water available for irrigation. “Like the
NFC Award, the outstanding issue of water sharing between Punjab and Sindh should also be addressed immediately,” he said.

Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) General Secretary Liaqat Baloch said his party welcomed the NFC Award
and the resolution of this issue would help create a reconciliatory environment among the
federating units. Baloch said the government should now also bring the issue of provincial
autonomy to the table. He said the NFC Award would be pointless if the provinces were not granted their constitutional and legal rights. The JI leader said the government must also try
to address the rampant corruption eating away the country’s institutional infrastructure.

Meanwhile, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Punjab President Ahsan Rasheed said the resolution of
the NFC Award was a step towards progress. He said Punjab had played an appreciable role and
the consensus would enhance inter-provincial harmony.

Rasheed said the NFC Award’s success was a great achievement of the PML-N-led Punjab government, however, he said the revenue pool was too little to be proud of.

“The GDP ratio of the country is 8 percent, its expenditure is Rs 2.4 trillion but the revenue is only 1.7 trillion rupees. A difference of Rs 700 billion cannot be called progressive,” he said, urging a better tax collection network to enhance the state’s revenue
Sindh: Qadirpur gas field on brink of collapse
ISLAMABAD, PAK: [SindhWeek.Com Reported] Pakistan’s third largest gas producing field in Qadirpur is on the verge of collapse due to inordinate delay in installation of 16 compression
plants. If immediate steps are not taken the country will be deprived of about 690 million cubic feet of gas a day, or over 20 per cent of current production. A leading English daily Dawn reported on Dec 10.

As a result, the national gas shortfalls at about one billion cubic feet per day (BCFD) this year would go beyond 2.5 BCFD next year and increase dependence on expensive imported fuels.
Pakistan currently produces about 3.7 BCFD of natural gas and the shortfall may grow next year
by another 1 BCFD due to higher demand. The Qadirpur fiasco, said official sources, would also
cause billions of rupees in damages because of failure to supply dedicated gas quantities to
private consumers. 

On top of that, the government will be paying over Rs8 billion to the Qadirpur producers in
arrears on account of higher international oil prices as the government has failed to timely
revise the gas price formula as required under the Qadirpur gas sales and purchase agreement.
And this payment is expected to be made to the Qadirpur joint venture without a thorough
probe into the issue and despite repeated calls by the directorate general of gas to fix responsibility for delayed gas price negotiations. 

Background interviews with government officials and documents available with Dawn suggest that
a fire-fighting exercise by the Petroleum Ministry and the Qadirpur operator — Oil and Gas Development Company Limited — to save the field from ‘complete collapse’ through installation
of compressors in four months is bound to backfire because the implementation process lacks
technical and professional handling

"Point of view"
To remember Dec 16, 1971

By: Ahmed Makhdoom, UK
LONDON, UK: [E-mail] On 16th December 1971 one of the most horrifying and horrendous, shameful and scandalous, disgraceful and dishonorable, ignominious and infamous act of cowardice and inhumanity came to an end after nine month long saga of chaos, genocide, arson and rape. It is on this day that the barbaric, savage and brutal Pakistan army - about 96,000 animals in uniform - surrendered in Dhaka to the Indian army. The preceding nine months of horror, tyranny and terror will go down in the history of mankind, without any doubt as its darkest hour.

And, I saw with my sinful eyes the rape of the daughters of

Chief of Easter Command of
Pakistan army General A. K. K. Niazi alias "Tiger Niazi" going to surrender on
Dec 16, 1971
Bengal and the massacre of the millions of innocent sons of Bengal take place right in my own
front yard. And, I lived to tell the world what I saw!

Saturday, 7th November 2009, I was in London, where I attended a gathering – organised by Liberation Group at Irish Cultural Centre - gathering of the tortured, troubled, truncated, tormented and terrorised nations of the world – being brutally bludgeoned by the tyrants of the day. As a humble son of Jeejal Sindhrree, I was there, together with my evergreen warrior
sister, Suraiya, and a young, proud dedicated Sindhi with a Sindhi cap, Saaeen Aachar Bozdar.

There were Palestinians, Iraqis, Kurds from Iraq and Turkey, Polisario from Morocco and
Bengalees from Bangladesh. We were thoroughly entertained by a a remarkable group of Turkish Kurds – with their traditional music and songs. There were speeches too by various nations screaming, sacrificing, striving, struggling g for freedom and human rights.

I, too, had an opportunity to present the case of my brutalised motherland, and fatherland,
Sindh, savaged by the vultures, wolves and werewolves of the erstwhile, godless, gutless,
senseless country known as Pakistan.

Although not much of a singer, I was so much impressed and inspired by an Irish gentleman and
a young Kurdish girl and the lilting melodies of Turkish music band, that I had to come on the floor and dance and sing too in my course voice – I sang a song of Sindh, in sweet language of
my motherland, "Peirein pawandee saan, chawandee saan, rahee vancju raat Bhambhore mein."

پيرين پوندي سان؍ چوندي سان؍ رھي وڃ رات ڀنڀور ۾؍

This prompted a middle-aged handsome Bengalee brother to come forward and embrace and hug
me. He told me about Bangladesh and asked me where I was at the time Bengalees got their independence. Here is what I told him......

1964 – I joined Juldia Maritime Academy, Chittagong, on a two-year Maritime Studies Course.
We were three Sindhis at that time – from 2nd and 3rd Batches of the Academy: Saaeen Altaf Shaikh, who later became a Chief Engineer and a well-known Sindhi travelogue writer, Saaeen Bashir Vistro, my ggothaaee ڳوٺاٸي (from nearby village in Sindh, where I spent my childhood),
who later on became a Master Mariner and a senior officer in the Shipping Comapny in Karachi,
and myself.

We had Bengali friends who used to regularly take us to their homes in Dacca, Chittagong, and elsewhere inthe then East Pakistan and introduce us to their folks. We had a special relationship with these cultured, artistic-minded, literate, highly sober, astute and loveable Bengalis. In return, we Sindhis were adored, respected and pampered with love and gifts and treated as members of their families.

One of my best friend was a Bengali from Dacca, Nurul Amin. They were seven brothers and
had a little sister whom they used to call “Champa,” a sweet, cherubic, angel-faced girl of
twelve, with pony tails and a flower in her hair. What a talented little angel she was! She used
to play piano – a must item in almost every Bengali’s home - and used to sing with such a sweet
and graceful voice that we used to sit transfixed and mesmerised as we heard her play the rhythmic tones of piano and sing.

There was one particular song that I loved to listen over and over again, and she used to
always oblige me and my constant demands (farmaaish) and requets. The song was:
“Shaat bhaaee champa, jago rei jago rei; ghuum ghuum thaakei na ghuumei ree ghorei.....”
شات ڀاٸي چمپا جاگو ري؍ جاگو ري؍ گھوم گھوم ٿاڪي نا گھومي ري ھوري؍

This song was about seven brothers and their little sister (just like her own family). Till this day I have not forgotten that cherubic pony-tailed face, and that golden voice and the sweet melodies of her song, “Shaat bahee champa....”

1971 - I was a young Navigating Officer on board a ship and we were in Chittagong, the
Premier Port of the then East Pakistan, loading Jute for Rotterdam and Antwerp.

Suddenly, we heard the guns screaming all over the ship. My wonderful friend, a Bengali,
Second Officer, and the Bengali crew were massacred by the brutal, cowards and animals in uniform of the Pakistani Punjabi Army. I survived as I hid myself for four days – without any food, without any water – in the Fore Peak store of the ship.

Bangladesh was born as I came out of my sanctuary. My Bengalee brethren helped me, fed me, took care of me and showered love, affections and kindness over me. They paid for my Air
Passage to Singapore, where I was to start a new life, a new beginning, a new chapter in the
not-so-long history of my life, far, far away from my motherland, my fatherland, Sindh.

Singapore became my homeland for over forty years since then – and my friends the Bengalees constructed a beautiful home, cottages, palaces in my heart, mind and soul, which I would
cherish for as long as I live.

Back to 1971 - what I saw in Chittagong had left deep wounds on my heart and soul - wounds inflicted by the rapists, murderers, barbarian Pakistani soldiers, as I saw streets reddened by
the blood of innocent Bengalees, young girls raped and brutally cut into pieces, infants snatched from the arms of their mothers and banged viciously in cold blood against the walls and tree
trunks till only the tiny feet were left in the pitiless, merciless. filthy hands of the barbarians
and savages in uniform.
The young mothers were than brutally gang-raped and subsequently dismembered, tortured and bludgeoned to death. What I saw was much, much and much more - even the animals will not
do the same to their pray - I do not have any words to describe the way children, men and
women were lynched by these barbarous, sadistic savages as they shouted, "Allah-o-Akbar. "

I went to Dacca to meet my dear friend, Nurul Amin, and his family and especially to hear the song of Shaat Bhaaee from Champa. What I heard and saw made me to scream at my Creator, “Why, Oh Lord, Why?.” My dear friend was savagely murdered by the coward Pakistan Army and my sweet dear little twelve-year Champa was gang-raped by these animals, and was grabbed by these barbarians from her tiny legs and continuously hit on the walls of the house, till there
were nothing but pieces of her flash and bones and blood all over.

Bengalees were now free – freedom that came at a great expense and tremendous sacrifices -
free to take destiny in their own hands. JOEI BANGLA – amee tomakei bhalo bhashee

جوٸي بنگلا؍ امي توماڪي ڀالو ڀاشي؍
I love you my brave, valiant brothers and sisters, sons and daughters in Bangladesh!. We Sindhis had loved you and will always love you, my dear Bengalees. Long Live Bangladesh! Long Live Sindh!
And, Murshid Saaeen Bhittai says:
جي مون گھر اچين سپرين٫ ھوڏَ ڇڏي ھيڏي٫
ڳالھيون ڳجھ اندر جيون٫ تنِ گھريون تو ڏي٫
جي وھين گڏ گوڏي٫ تَ دونر سڻاياٸن دل جا
..........(سر بروو ۱؍۱۸)
Jei muun ghari acheen supreen, hodda chhaddei heiddei,
Ggaalhiyuun ggujha andara jyuun, tani ghuriyuun to ddei,
Jei wiheen gaddu goddei, ta donra sunnaayaeen dil jaa. (Barwo:1/18

Supposing, Beloved! Thou cometh hither,
Leaving Thy Vanity far, far away yonder;
Fabulous anecdotes aplenty hidden within,
Lifting the veil surely with Thee whisper;
Supposing, Beloved! Thou knelth together,
Carols within heart, chant for Thine pleasure.
.......... Translated by Ahmed Makhdoom 
ھيڑا ھاڃان ٿين ڀينر ھن ڀنڀوور ۾؍ اھڑو انڌير سرتيون ھن ساڻيھ ۾؍
ڌڻين شاد ۽ آباد رکيوَ
دعاءن ۾ ياد ڪندا
 احمد مخدوم

Here is proof how GEO Presenter
Dr Shahid Masood spoke lies daringly
KARACHI, SINDH: [SindhWeek.Com Report] GEO TV Presenter of Urdu Program "Meray
Mutaabiq" Dr Shahid Masood has spoken a series of lies daringly & shamelessly. Thanks God as
he was exposed by another TV Presenter of the said Channel, Kamran Khan in his Program.
At least four video clips are available on 'You Tube' which are sufficient to prove lies of
Dr Shahid Masood. What a shame!

It appears that Dr Shahid Masood who was chairman of Govt-owned PTV Channel after his
ousting from PTV has lost his sense. In order to take 'revenge' from President Mr Asif Zardari,
he targeted Sindhi culture recently in his program on GEO. For this, he got help from another reporter of Jang / The News namely Saleh Zaafir who is generally known as non-serious and mentally immature reporter. You Tube Links are as under:

Hidden Truth of Jawab Deh [1/4]
Hidden Truth of Jawab Deh [2/4]
Hidden Truth of Jawab Deh [3/4]
Hidden Truth of Jawab Deh [4/4]

Mentally immature & emotional Saleh Zaffir on the instigation of Dr Shahid Masood, used
insulting language against wearing Sindhi cap but both were unable to tell when Manmohan,
Indian prime minister wears "Sikh Pagri" during official visits abroad, no one objected. Further,  when Pakistani Presidents / Prime ministers visit abroad, they wore three-piece suits. Was that dress Pakistani?

01. In one of videos, Dr Shahid in Jawabdah Program with Presenter Iftikhar claimed that
Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul Ibad (MQM) was his class fellow whereas Kamran Khan said Dr Ibad never remained class fellow of Dr Shahid even in college life. Dr Shahid had done MBBS
education in Sindh Medical College, Karachi whereas Dr Ibad completed his MBBS education
from Dow Medical College, Karachi.

02. Dr Shahid was asked who funded his old NGO DIALOGUE's international conferences which were organized twice in Washington, DC, twice in China, twice in Dubai etc., but Dr Shahid claimed no one funded the Conferences and all delegates bore their own expenses personally whereas facts were contrary as told by Kamran Khan. All expenses covering hotels, air tickets
etc of delegates were paid by Dr Shahid himself as told by three delegates, Kamran Khan added.

03. Dr Shahid claimed in Jawabdah that he met two senior journalists namely Shaheen Sahabai
and Ansar Abbasi who took them to Asif Zardari (President). According to Kamran Khan, both senior journalists contradicted claim of Dr Shahid and said they never took Dr Shahid to Mr Zardari (President) nor they opposed his appointment as new PTV chairman.

04. Dr Shahid claimed that he was present at the time when General (r) Musharraf was
delivering his last speech by giving resignation where facts were, according to Kamran Khan & sources closed to President House, Dr Shahid was asked to wait at reception (Ground Floor) and
he never allowed to go to 4th floor where Gen Musharraf was recording his last speech but
when Gen Musharraf and all concerned officials of President House saw his column in Jang
claiming his presence, meeting and talking to General Musharraf to know his sentiments, all were shocked

Sindh to get 6 cadet colleges including 2 for girls
KARACHI, SINDH: [SindhWeek.Com Report] Four cadet colleges are being established in Ghotki, Dadu, Gadap and Kandhkot, besides two girls’ cadet colleges in Nawabshah and Larkana, Sindh Education Secretary Rizwan Memon told a meeting presided over by Education Minister Pir
Mazharul Haq on Dec 11. Presently, Sindh has four cadet colleges in Petaro, Sanghar, Larkana
and Pano Aqil, the secretary said. Brig Asif Akhtar and Col Akhtar Ahmed Khalili also attended the meeting. Haq assured that the Sindh Education and Literacy Department would continue
extending cooperation to the armed forces for establishing cadet colleges
Rangers-occupied heritage building Mitha Ram
hostel in Karachi, on verge of collapse
KARACHI, SINDH: [SindhWeek.Com Report] The Mitha Ram Hostel, currently occupied by a contingent of Sindh Rangers, has been left to decay, and officials of the Sindh Antiquities Department believe that if prompt action is not taken to repair it, the building might collapse anytime, causing a great loss to national heritage.

Sources told The News that Sindh Antiquities Secretary Dr Kaleemullah Lashari has drawn the attention of the authorities concerned towards the situation, urging them to take immediate action in public interests. In his letter dated November 25, 2009 to the Sindh Home secretary, Lashari pointed out that the building was “dangerous” and a mishap could occur anytime.

The letter pointed out that the Government of Sindh, at the behest of the Antiquities
department, had taken cognizance of the situation and allocated an “adequate amount” for the subject scheme. As the scheme is multi-pronged and very essential, the work is required to be undertaken urgently, towards the greater benefit of society, sources said.

When The News approached Lashari, he confirmed the matter, and said that the Mitha Ram
Hostel is a protected building under Sindh Cultural Heritage (Preservation) Act, 1994. It is a
unique stone structure, and has wooden roof and flooring. In fact, its gable roof is considered
to be a one of its kind structure.

Lashari said that water penetrates the upper roof, and affects the second roof, thus making
the whole structure dilapidated. A tragedy can happen any day, he added. He said that since
the Mitha Ram Hostel is a protected building, it has to be preserved through qualified efforts.
He said that the Antiquities Department has developed a full conservation plan, and on that
particular building, the Sindh government has expressed its commitment to grant the required
money for repairs
MQM Sindh Governor's Legend Fund, not for Sindhi artists; Sassui talks to finance minister Shaukat Tarin
KARACHI, SINDH: [SindhWeek.Com Report] Sindh minister for culture Ms Sassui Palijo has
said she would talk to federal finance minister Shaukat Tareen for grant to Sindhi artists,
from 'Legend Fund' which has not been done so far. She was talking at Hyderabad on Nov 19.

It may be pointed out that the 'Legend Fund' was set up MQM Sindh Governor Dr Ishratul
Ibad but he was hesitant to approve any grant to Sindhi artists and it appears that Fund has
been set up to benefit only Urdu speaking people. It may be pointed out Dr Ibad did not grant
any financially help to late Zafar Kazmi - internationally recognized artist who was sick for long
time before death. Instead, he repeatedly grant aid from the Fund to actor Lahri (joker) and
others on ethnic basis
PPP to face / defend cases of NRO
ISLAMABAD, PAK: [SindhWeek.Com Report] Central Executive Committee (CEC) of ruling
Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) has decided on Dec 19, 2009 here that its members would face &
defend cases of NRO

Removal of inefficient MD Capt Haroon must to save PIA from total scrape
ISLAMABAD, PAK: [SindhWeek.Com Report] The inefficient and unprofessional Managing Director, PIA Captain Ejaz Haroon has further pushed the national airlines - PIA into deep
financial crisis by jeopardizing the very existence of the 56-year old national carrier
was once treated as one of prestigious airlines of
the world.

Note: Ruination of PIA. For further details, please click here>>>>>>>>>
40 lashes for 75-year old Saudi lady
RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA: [SindhWeek.Com Report] Saudi Arabia is set to punish 75-year-old woman with 40 lashes, imprisonment and deportation for being in the company of a young man she once breastfed.

A 75-year-old woman is set to be given 40 lashes, imprisoned for four months and deported to Syria after Saudi religious police caught her in the company of a young man she once breastfed and who claimed to have been bringing her bread.

hamisa Mohammed Sawadi, 75, and two younger men, known only as Hadyan and Fahad,
were found guilty of violating a sex-segregation law known locally as Khilwa. Sawadi has
claimed that the sex segregation law should not apply as she breastfed Fahad when he was a
child. The international human rights group Amnesty International has called on Saudi Arabia to
stay the sentence.

"This punishment amounts to torture and extreme human degradation," Lamri Chirouf,a Saudi Arabia researcher for Amnesty International told The Media Line. "It's in direct contrast to
international human-rights standards that protect human dignity."

"These people have not done anything wrong beyond being together," he said. "This is their
private life and it shouldn't constitute a crime under international law. It's as simple as that."

"Whenever they catch people together who are not immediate relatives, they punish them," Chirouf added. "The problem in Saudi Arabia is that the criminal justice system is very secretive.
Cases of floggings and amputations happen all the time but they are rarely reported."

The threesome were arrested on April 21, 2008, by the Saudi religious police, known as the Mutawa'een and officially dubbed the Commission for the Prevention of Vice and Promotion of

At the trial in March, Hadyan stated that the two men were delivering bread to the
elderly woman, while Fahad argued that he had not violated the khilwa sex-segregation law
as Sawadi was a relative who had breastfed him when he was a child.

The elderly Sawadi, originally Syrian, was sentenced to four months imprisonment, 40
lashes and deportation to Syria. Fahad was sentenced to 40 lashes and four months'
imprisonment and Hadyan to 60 lashes and six months imprisonment. The verdict was
upheld by an appeals court.

After the Supreme Court recently refused to hear the case, Saudi Arabia's Minister of
Interior Prince Naif Bin Abdulaziz ordered the immediate imprisonment and lashing of the
threesome. Many expect the sentence to be carried out this week, as floggings are usually held on Fridays.

"I think she'll die," Wajiha Al-Huwaidar, a Saudi businesswoman and rights advocate told
The Media Line. "She's a very old woman and I don't think she can handle 40 lashes."

"She has done nothing wrong and nobody deserves this," she added. "I don't know if anybody
can stop this but I wish they could." But Eman Al Nafjan, an influential female Saudi blogger, argued that an age-based distinction should be made in cases of physical punishment.

"I think lashing and physical punishment is appropriate for people who are healthy and it
won't affect them in the long term," she told The Media Line. "It frees up jail cells and we
shouldn't have to pay to accommodate people for years."

"But this case is different," Al Nafjan said. "Even if they could prove that she did something
wrong, I don't think a 75-year old should be physically punished." Al Nafjan said that
with the extensive gossip surrounding the case it was difficult to discern exactly what the
elderly woman was accused of.

"It's just not clear at all why this woman is getting the lashes," she said. "In Islam if you
breastfeed a child for more than two years they become your son, but the court said that
she can't prove that she breastfed him. How can anyone prove that you breastfed someone -
there are no papers." (09l15it) [Courtesy: Singapore newspaper Internet edition].

Listen nine Sindhi Songs. Plz visit our 'Sindhi Music' page or click here>>>>>
Sea intrusion: Historical Thatta, Badin to vanish soon; Inundating 80 acres daily; Negligence of Islamabad
ISLAMABAD, PAK: [SindhWeek.Com Report] The Sindh Govt. while giving briefing to the
Senate Committee on Water & Power headed by Senator Lashkari Raisani. has said sea intrusion in Sindh (Thatta & Badin districts) is inundating 80 acres of land per day. It was
further informed to the visiting Senate Committee members that if situation remained
unchanged, two cities of Sindh i.e. Thatta & Badin would vanish soon due to intrusion of sea
water. The Sindh Govt. also demanded implementation of Water Accord - 1991 in letter and

Objection on 'Sindhi Cap day' unjustified
KARACHI, SINDH: [SindhWeek.Com Report] A leading English daily Dawn has printed a letter
to the editor on Dec 18, 2009 which reads as under:
THIS is apropos to R. Rehman’s letter,
‘Sindhi Cap’ (Dec 15). He forgets that Sindh is part of Pakistan and if any elected president
wore a Sindhi cap we should welcome his action rather than criticise him.

We still live in a state of denial. Pakistan is a multi-language state but has unfortunately never promoted our traditional dresses and always blindly followed western culture. We should pay
tribute to the president that he wore a traditional cap and welcome his action beyond narrow perceptions.

Our state has never taken genuine efforts to promote our regional languages and cultural symbols
but suppressed those who wanted to promote their language and culture. RAZA MIRANI,Karachi"
An ordeal of a lady who travelled on PIA flight
KARACHI, SINDH: [SindhWeek.Com Report] We have received an email from a lady passenger
namely Ms Anjum Karachi stating her ordeal on PIA flight.

The first air travel I did was in PIA when I was just 30 days old. Today I am adult and a
frequent flyer 90% exclusively with PIA.  As in our fields like economy, industrial agriculture production, finance, international honour etc, we are progressing with jet speed but only in
files, our PIA service too is wonderfully creating new record.  Thursday 3rd December 2009
along with my father I boarded PK-282 for Bahrain to Karachi.  It is a shuttle flight
originating from Karachi and landing first at Bahrain and then at Doha for final journey to

As provided for I opted and got reserved Seats of our own choice for which I posses the print
out.  Going towards Immigration, reading boarding cards it was found against our previously
reserved seats, I was put on a different seat while my father away 6-7 rows behind me. 

On approaching the Manager instead of realizing that as a matter of principle and against the established practice it was a mistake, he started arguing that there were Doha going passengers in the plane etc.  When he was obstructed on his this explanation a sort of nothing less than cleaning
of one’s own dirty linen in the public he then re-issued us combined seating. While entering the plane,   I saw a leading well known in Bahrain and Holy Madina a Pakistani businessman
approaching the Manager that his wife was seated about 5 rows behind him when the Manager
dismissed him that in Doha seat can be changed. 

 In the plane a few other families had the same story to sort out.  This was my first practical knowledge that individual members of a family in PIA are seated separated away from each
other. This can not be attributed to the computer technology.  It is the man who operates a technology.  A computer churns out what it is fed in.  It is a general common sense applied in
all airlines (including in PIA but in the past) that when a person presents more than one
passport, treating it a family or group travel all are allocated seats with or adjoining each
other. The Manager’s explanation is more a point to ponder that a pre-allotted seat or even a Reservation can be changed or cancelled at any time.

This however is not strange knowing that an Agreement today is not a word of God but merely
a statement or word from lip. A pre-allotted or committed seat in fact is also an agreement. 
The true fact is after having always posted honourable professionals eg; last ones Mr. Shakil,
Mr. Farooq and lastly Mr. Moez Khan, the PIA Head Office has in its stock today only to post
on our heads in Bahrain bad to worst new one.  I saw two respectable ladies full in Hijab
almost begging if not pleading for condoning an extra 2 kgs they had when the words from the
Manager poured out to the counter staff were “do not listen to them, keep your work”.  Rules
are of course rules but in every rule there is one way or the other a sub rule allowing legally a
little deviation to the rule.

And such a sub rule is that PIA Managers have be given discretionary powers to allow a
passenger extra free baggage allowance, on merit and here the merit was there were many
vacant seats in the plane and here in this case our two Pakistani ladies on a foreign soil were
in some sort of a problem. Three years back my father personally saw a Pakistani lady in full
hijab sitting on the floor at Bahrain Airport struggling hard to open her strongly packed
baggage to remove a kilo from her main baggage, repack it and shift a kilo into her hand bag. 
The case was that PIA was allowing 40 kgs hold  and 5 kgs handbag, a total of 45 per
passenger.  The lady had 41 kgs in her hold baggage and 4 kgs in hand bag which totaled net
45 kgs. 

But the then Manager about whom my father in writing to MD PIA termed as the “meanest 
nature person having ever seen in his 40 years service”  was not blessed by God with the spirit
of public service.   Hence trying stupidly to show that he was very strict and honest to the
rules forgot the humiliation of a Pakistani lady on a foreign airport through hands of her own
national airline.  The Manager, as is usual today generally with our Managers everywhere lacked
the common sense that the plane whether as 39+6 or 40+5 was in both cases carrying 45 kgs
which did not make any difference to the mood of the plane or to the consumption of fuel
except to the white elephant manager. The Prime Minister H.E. Yousif Raza Gilani yesterday
termed PIA as a white elephant but in fact is a zoo of white elephants.

My father being a true human never forgets having witnesses as a silent spectator this scene
and he always has a sense of self shame that he could not help the lady in her unpacking and
repacking though because he had only two months back an unsuccessful eye operation and was
going to Pakistan in the same flight for an operation and was prohibited to bow. My father
being conscientious citizen believing tomorrow he or his wife or child could be the victim on
same account addressed MD PIA when PIA Contact Centre Incharge one Mr. Izaat Puri
whenever contacted told my father his complaint was under consideration of the senior
management who will give response to my father.

After fooling about 8 months finally he told my father that postal system in Pakistan was very
bad which in other words he was telling my father his complaint had not reached to MD PIA. 
Then what had been for 8 months under consideration of senior management my father never
got.  Ms. Anum, Karachi

EDITORIAL: Is PIA going to scrape?
The inefficient and unprofessional Managing Director4 of National carrier, PIA Capt Ejaz
Haroon has pushed further PIA towards financial destruction and if situation remains
unchanged, PIA would pack up its business soon. Unfortunately, some people want this so that
by privatizing the national airlines, they would mint money in shape of commission.

No serious efforts are being made to pull out Airlines from the deep financial crisis. The
standard of service to the customers has fallen miserably. It is difficult for PIA to live in
cut throat competition age if no serious effort were made to pull out airlines from financial
crisis, immediately.

he PIA is facing highly mismanagement. It is reported key person like Director HR &
Administration (M. Hanif Pathan) is selling various vacant posts by getting high amount as
bribe through his brother-in-llaw (Salla Saheb) G R Baloch - an employee of PIA Flight

It is suggested in the interest of the national airlines, inefficient and unprofessional Captain
Ejaz Haroon must be removed and high-level impartial inquiry be ordered against financial irregularities and corruption of Director HR & Administration M. Hanif Pathan immediately.
There were contradictory figures in the press about the deficit of the Airlines. Sometimes,
it was said total deficit is Rs 142 billion and sometimes Rs 76 billion. According to informed
sources, the total deficit of the Airlines has crossed over Rs 150 billion which is increasing
day after day.

The federal Govt should take serious efforts to save the Airlines from ruination by removing
efficient MD who on GEO has categorically admitted that PIA has become financially bankrupt
whereas after 05 days of such claim in public, the non-serious MD contradicted his own claim
made on TV Channel. However, there is no hope, PIA would come out from such financial deficit of Rs 140 billion in near future.

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