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MQM's chief Altaf Husain apologizes
after giving threats as per practice
KARACHI, SINDH (PAKISTAN) [SindhWeek.Webs.Com Report]: The Chief of MQM -an ethnic-cum-terrorist organization Altaf Hussain who is living in London for the last 26 years during his recent telephonic address has used highly threatening language against Pakistan Rangers & Pakistan Army besides to Pakistan as a country, has now tendered apology as per practice by claiming that since he was mentally disturb on action against his workers, he was compelled to use such language. Nevertheless, he assured he would not use the similar language in future.

It may be pointed out that in the past, Mr Altaf repeatedly used such language as part of his strategy and later apologized

Syed Qaim Ali Shah, ex-CM Sindh must be arrested,
tried in Military Court for observing 'bad governance',
target killings of 12,000 innocent people in Karachi
KARACHI, SINDH (PAKISTAN) [SindhWeek.Webs.Com Report]: The people of Sindh have generally demanded that former chief minister of Sindh Syed Qaim Ali Shah must be arrested & tried in military court for observing bad governance in Sindh during his tenure of more than 08 years. He was also responsible for death of more than 12,000 innocent people who were killed in target killings in Karachi.

94-year old Mr Shah was generally known as "mentally sick" whereas he strangely used to claim he is still young. During his tenure, Sindh witnessed worst type of bad governance since 1970  after dissolution of One Unit. Nevertheless, corruption during his tenure was on its height & almost all government departments in Sindh were ruined during his government.

He was appointed as Chief Minister by Asif Ali Zardari, Co-chairman, Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) obviously with sole purpose to promote corruption in Sindh.

While talking to some advocates in Karachi recently, ex-CM Sindh tried to get undue credit of reducing target killings in Karachi by 80 per cent despite every one knows such credit goes to Pakistan Rangers
People are deserting my party due to attitude of my brother Pir Sadruddin Shah Rashdi: Pir Pagara

Pir Pagara-8
KARACHI, SINDH (PAKISTAN) [SindhWeek.Webs.Com Report]: Pir Pagara VIII, chief of Pakistan Muslim League (F) and spiritual leader of Hurrs has admitted that people are deserting his party due to attitude of his brother Syed Sadruddin Shah.
While talking to a Sindhi daily and also federal minister Abdul Qadir Baloch after inquiring his health, he said next 25days are very important due to damaging policies of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif whereas, army and people both have to decide about the deteriorating condition prevailing in the country.

He said Army as well as Rangers have saved the Sindh. He further said he is with the Army despite he is against promulgation of the Martial law in the country.

Pir Pagara further disclosed Asif Zardari (Co-chairman, PPP) had offered him three ministries as well as Rs 2 billion for joining his government in Sindh but he refused to
do so despite the amount offered was later increased to Rs 5 billion

Zulfikar Mirza may rejoin PPP despite using
abusive language against Zardari frequently
KARACHI, SINDH (PAKISTAN) [SindhWeek.Webs.Com Report]: It is learnt that Zulfikar Mirza who was once very close & trustworthy friend of Asif Ali Zardari (Co-chairman, PPP& ex-President of Pakistan) and later deserted him, now may rejoin Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) after some time.

While talking to local newsmen in Badin, Mr Mirza has obviously taken somersault and pointed out that his basic conflict was with MQM and not Asif Zardari. He said our relations (Zardari & Mirza) were very closed & cordial but some people had created misunderstanding between us. Mr Mirza further said: In politics, yesterday' enemies may  become close friend of tomorrow.

It may be pointed out Mr Mirza after leaving Zardari had level highly serious allegations of corruption
besides using abusive language frequently against Mr Zardari in media

MITHI, THAR, SINDH (PAKISTAN) [SindhWeek.Webs.Com Report]: PML (N) from Thar and chief of Pakistan Hindu Council Dr. Ramesh Kumar Vankwani, in his statement issued at Islamkot, has said he has urged the chief minister to take punitive action against official & teachers who shirk from performing their duties in Thar villages (dn20160821). Call for action against ghost teachers in Thar

Sindh to register Madrasas afresh KARACHI, SINDH (PAKISTAN) [SindhWeek.Webs.Com Report]: With the objective of implementing the National Action Plan against terrorism in letter and spirit, the new Sindh cabinet has approved the drafts of two bills to adopt a mechanism to register religious seminaries afresh and monitor their funding as well as for keeping an eye on non-governmental organisations in the province.

The cabinet, which met at the New Sindh Secretariat building on Saturday with Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah in the chair, accorded approval to the draft of the Sindh Deeni Madrasas Bill 2016 and the Sindh Voluntary Social Welfare Agenciesí Bill 2016. The proposed bill for the registration of madrasas and the monitoring of their funding will
 soon be tabled in any of the upcoming sessions of the Sindh Assembly

Sindhudesh would never come into being: Renowned writer, intellectual Amar Jaleel

Amar Jaleel
KARACHI, SINDH (PAKISTAN) [SindhWeek.Webs.Com Report]: Renowned Sindhi & Urdu writer and an intellectual Amar Jaleel has rejected the possibility of establishing Sindhudesh (Independent Sindh) in future. He said: "Sindhudesh would never come into being in future". He was addressing a meeting of writers and intellectuals held at Rotary Club, Karachi (Sindh Valley) held on August 07.

Mr Jaleel has challenged the Sindhi nationalists by saying: "If people raising slogan
of Jeay Sindh are sincere in their aim, they should first establish & show us 'Model
 of Sindhudesh ' and then raise such slogan."
He also pointed out: "Baloch people who are living in Sindh for the last 300 years, have so far not become
Sindhis as they are still speaking Balochi language instead of Sindhi language at their homes

SC bars work on Bahria Town land allotted by Malir Development Authority,
Asks National Accountability Bureau to complete investigation in 2 months

KARACHI, SINDH (PAKISTAN) [SindhWeek.Webs.Com Report]: The Supreme Court on Monday (Aug 01) restrained Bahria Town, a leading real estate firm, from undertaking any development activity on the
state land allotted to it by the Malir Development Authority (MDA) illegally and gave two months to the
National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to complete its investigation into the matter.

A two-judge bench comprising Justices Amir Hani Muslim and Mushir Alam gave these directions at the courtís Karachi Registry while hearing a set of applications against illegal allotment of state land and adjustment
of land in 43 Dehs by the MDA.
Continued No 01. Plz click here>>>>>>>>>


Pak media refused to give coverage to Supreme Court's order against Bahria Town

KARACHI, SINDH (PAKISTAN) [SindhWeek.Webs.Com Report] The Pakistani media who claimed to be so-called independent, has obviously refused to give press coverage to the order of the Supreme Court of Pakistan (SC / SCP), Karachi Registry which was passed on August 01, 2016 asking National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to complete investigation within 02 months against illegal transfer / allotment of Govt. land to Bahria Town by Malir Development Authority. The two leading Urdu dailies Jang and Express had also boycotted the said news-item. Continued No 02. Plz click here>>>>>>>>>

Ex-President of Pakistan & Co-chairman PPP Asif Ali Zardari in connivance with
Malik Riyaz - constructor trying to convert Sindhis into 'Minority' at their own land

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